Participatory Methods for Development and Partnership

Frontpage of book by Britha Mikkelsen

Britha Mikkelsen: Methods for Development Work and Research
A  New Guide for Practitioners, 2nd Ed., Sage Publications India, 2005

A thorough and inspiring overview of the use of participative and qualitative approaches to development work. Mikkelsen treats M&E in a special chapter.

Karen McAllister: Understanding participation
Monitoring and evaluation process, outputs and outcomes, IDRC/CRDI , Ottawa, July 1999

This comprehensive paper provides a wealth of options for the interested practitioner who is looking for simple, participative methods to apply in community and development work.

Read here: Understanding Participation; see also link to IDRC/CRDI in Miscellaneous  

Partnership in MSiS - A Toolkit
Guidelines for Partnership Development

A manuscript from 2005; a revision of a ten year older manual done for Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS). Due to restructuring etc., the new manual was not printed. However, MS followed many of the guidelines more or less accurately in practice. After merging with ActionAid International in 2010, MS is still seriously working on having the partnership approach permeate ActionAids international work. 

Read the manuscript here:  Partnership Toolkit

South-North Partnership for Development:
Another decent mode of NGO co-operation and a process-orientated approach to mutual capacity building. Insights gained and challenges experienced by MS during a decade

In: FAU Conference "Partners in Development?" Report, FAU, Copenhagen, March 2002

Read this paper here: South-North Partnership


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